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McDonald's All-American Game / Dunk Contest: Khem Birch Takes 7th

Well, that didn't go exactly as planned.

Khem Birch showed off his size and a bit of athleticism (who are we kidding - anyone that can dunk has more athleticism than most of us, after all), but not much else.

Birch's first attempted dunk was a toss off the backboard, but he repeatedly missed several attempts and finally conceded throwing down a slightly weaker version. For a 6'9" power forward, not that impressive. The dunk also brought what may have been the highlight of the night (well, other than the insane Powerade rep) as a puzzled celebrity judge, Jim Rose (a Chicago sports anchor) shook his head in disbelief - you had to see it. This dunk only landed Khem a score of 50, one of the lowest of the night.

His next attempt was slightly more impressive as a teammate lobbed the ball off the side of the backboard, which Khem grabbed and threw down. Still, it came after a couple of misses and Birch had effectively bored the sparse crowd. He got a 57 on that one and ended up with a total of 107.

That score looked like it could have been good for last place until Adonis Thomas failed to even record a dunk in his first attempt, getting a score of zero.

So in all, Birch finished 7th, but still had a pretty cool night. Don't forget to check him out in some actual game action in Wednesday's game, where I expect him to fare much better.