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Former Pitt Football QB Bill Stull Gets AFL Start

Last I saw former Pitt QB Bill Stull, he was a backup for the Kansas City Chiefs. Stull has been playing in the AFL, though, and Saturday night got his first start for the last-place Spokane Shock.

As the Trib-Review points out, this was Stull's first start since the Car Care Bowl win back in 2009. So how did he fare on Saturday? Well, his grade was probably an 'incomplete' as he was knocked out of the game due to a knee injury. Still, he plans on being back next week, noting it wasn't as bad as the season :

Stull, starting his first game, left with a knee injury late in the first quarter.

"My first game at Pitt as a true junior I tore ligaments in my thumb and was out the whole season," said Stull, who directed two scoring drives before departing. "But it’s not going to be that bad. I told coach (Rob Keefe), ‘I’m playing next week.’"

Before exiting, he did manage to complete 4-5 passes including a touchdown.

Stull's team won the game, by the way.