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Does Todd Graham Ever Take A Break?

First it was the Mon Valley Panther Club, now football coach Todd Graham will be at the Johnstown Club's event. if you're reading this, you're probably too late to attend as the event is, well, today.

Still, thought it was worth a mention because Graham is doing his second event in less than a week. And unlike the last one, he'll be joined by basketball coach Jamie Dixon.

It's obviously not all that abnormal for coaches to attend these sorts of fundraisers, but the thing I've noticed, maybe more than anything else, about coach Graham is that he's extremely visible. Seems he's just about everywhere and that's a great thing for Pitt.

Probably too early to declare him as a great ambassador for the university or anything like that, but just the way he gets out in the public so frequently really makes me think he'll be amazing on the recruiting trail once he's got a full year to work with.