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Big East Spring Meetings: Don't Look For Villanova Expansion Decision Yet

The Big East's Spring meetings are taking place next week and there's plenty to talk about including a new TV deal. But you can also expect that expanion, obviously, will be a big part of the discussion.

But just because the schools will talk about it doesn't mean a decision is going to be reached.

This may be stating the obvious, but don't look for Villanova to get an invitation there:

The conference won't divulge its official agenda, and commissioner John Marinatto has a gag order on expansion talk. But league sources confirmed the obvious: expansion will be a hot topic. However, expect it to be more of a matter of discussion than actual action, because school presidents -- who have the ultimate say on such matters -- won't be in Florida for the meetings.

"It's not even possible for there to be any decisions made on expansion next week," said Nick Carparelli, the Big East's associate commissioner for football.

As the article mentions, it's going to be incredibly interesting how Villanova representatives take to the rest of the conference after their football team was denied entry:

The more intriguing part will be how that room interacts with each other, and what the relationship will be like with the Villanova officials. The Wildcats, of course, were all set to move up and join the Big East in football until some other member schools expressed reservations about the school's plan. Now representatives of those schools that want to block Villanova's entry will be sitting in the same conference rooms and playing the same golf course. How much would you pay to be a fly on the wall in some of those gatherings?

There could be some interesting quotes this week.