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Pitt Football Recruiting: Brendon Felder Transfers To Pitt As WR

Maybe Graham is trying to make up for losing out on the Delvon Simmons sweepstakes.

Pitt added yet another transfer in former Monroeville prospect, Brendon Felder, this week. I was a little bit confused by the all of the reports that he's coming here as another DB because everywhere I looked, it said he was a receiver. He was listed as a wide receiver on several sites including the Tarheels official site and ESPN.

It's true that he was split between the secondary and WR at Carolina earlier, but the staff had decided by the end of this Spring he was going to be a receiver next season.

Felder even goes as far to say he's coming here as a receiver:

Felder has added about 20 pounds since his senior year at Gateway. He said he is now 5-11 1/2, 183 pounds. He was playing at both receiver and defensive back this spring at North Carolina, but said coaches had settled on him playing receiver. He said he will be a receiver at Pitt.

"I feel like I can be another speedy guy, along with Cam Saddler, to help them out," Felder said. "I can be a punt returner, a kick returner and play the slot position."

Well, regardless of where he plays, Felder is a solid pickup. He was a solid three-star as rated by both Scout and Rivals.

Felder reportedly had several offers the first time around from schools including Pitt, Maryland, and Cincinnati, among others.

Unlike Vinopal and Christian, who left Michigan because of the new coaching staff, Felder has other reasons:

The freshman sat out his first season with North Carolina and was a highly touted receiver coming out of Monroeville, Pa. Felder is transferring to Pitt because of family reasons and he will try to become immediately eligible. The main reason he is coming home is because his grandparents are in poor health and he wants to be there for them.

Felder wasn't all that thrilled with leaving:

"I teared up a lot today," he said of saying goodbye to his friends. "It was an emotional day. North Carolina was a place I grew to love."

Felder said he will petition the NCAA for immediate eligibility because he is transferring for family reasons.

"It has nothing to do with football," he said.

Hopefully he can genuinely enjoy his time at Pitt. It wasn't his first choice, but hoping someone as unselfish as that can at least be happy here.

Unlike Vinopal and Christian, Felder is also petioning to play immediately since he's transferring for family reasons.