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Gary Williams Retires: Jamie Dixon / Maryland Rumors Barely Worth Mentioning

I haven't been posting on the Jamie Dixon-Maryland stuff, mostly because I don't see it happening. I said as much in the comments section of a recent post - too many things working against it in my opinion.

I'm coming around to the idea that Dixon's only leaving for a top of the line job. And, well, Maryland ain't it. Dixon has no ties to that area that I know of and it would be like starting over. For what? No knock to Maryland, but it's not the type of job I can see Dixon leaving for to start over.

We can go through the standard laundry list of reasons why Dixon will stay, but frankly, we all know them.

Now, if he has several more years like this one of not getting the team over the hump and feels a change is just necessary to keep his sanity? Then sure, I could see a move then. But I'm hard pressed to think that Dixon is leaving for a Maryland-ish type of job. Just doesn't make all that much sense to me.