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Pitt Football: Dan Mason Still Has Long Way To Go

The Dan Mason saga continues and the only thing we know at this point is that there's still a way to go.

Back in March, head coach Todd Graham didn't sound that hopeful, calling the Mason rehab a month-to-month thing. Later in May, though, he gave fans some hope by saying that he could even be ready for the season opener against Buffalo, citing his work ethic. I, probably like a lot of people, wasn't buying it, though. Sounded like a nice story, but by all indications, Mason was in pretty bad shape.

Fast forward to today and it's still sounding like much of the same.

Paul Zeise of the Post-Gazette said after the first day of camp that he was 'likely' out for the season.

Mason is, though, on the field working out. The bottom line is that there's still a chance he gets back to playing - just maybe not until 2012.