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Week 5 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings: Pitt Hangs In Fourth

The latest SB Nation Big East power rankings are out. Yeah, I'm crazy late with this, so sue me - that's what happens with a short week. Pitt hung in fourth place despite losing to Notre Dame and dropping to 2-2 this weekend.

The Cardiac Hill ballot is after the jump.

1. South Florida

2. West Virginia

3. Cincinnati

4. Pitt

5. Rutgers

6. Syracuse

7. UConn

8. Lousiville

I moved USF into 1st after their big win this weekend and WVU's loss. I'm well aware the Mountaineers lost to a No. 1 ranked LSU team, but losing by 26 at home as to count for something. Not sure the Bulls are better than West Virginia, but at this point, they've earned the No. 1 spot.

I was also the only voter to put Louisville in last. The Cardinals' win against Kentucky is looking worse by the day as the Wildcats are legitimately awful. FIU, the team that Louisville lost to, also fell this weekend ... to Louisiana-Lafayette. UConn, meanwhile, won 21-3 over Buffalo.

As always, head over to The UConn Blog to see the full results.