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Pitt Vs. Marquette: Open Gamethread

Barely having enough time to lick their wounds after what was quite easily the ugliest Pitt game I've ever witnessed, the Panthers are back on the road. Today, Pitt heads to the Bradley Center to take on a ranked Marquette team.

I'd be surprised if any Pitt fan really expects to win this game. I could see them having a fire underneath them and playing competitively, but if they pull out a win, safe to say I'm be pretty surprised.

The thing to watch for might be how much J.J. Moore plays. He was the only player in double figures against Rutgers and he also played 24 minutes - the most he'd played since before Christmas. Like the rest of the team, he didn't shoot well (2-10), but he has natural scoring ability and is hopefully a player that steps it up to get Pitt out of this losing streak.

Drop by and comment during the game at 2:00 p.m.