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Pitt Vs. Syracuse: Open Gamethread

Pitt takes on Syracuse on ESPN tonight and at first glance, Pitt doesn't appear to have much of a shot. As Greg pointed out in the preview, though, the Panthers have been extremely success against the Orange, so never say never, I suppose. But the difference is that none of those Pitt teams have been this young or have played as badly as this year's squad.

If Pitt's going to win, they're going to have to have a lot of things break their way. Isaiah Epps playing the point relieves pressure off of Gibbs, but Pitt needs to get something from him ... anything. Talib Zanna also needs to bounce back after scoring only two points in about 30 minutes of action against Marquette.

And while Gibbs had a great game against Marquette, he clearly can't be expected to go for 29 every single night. Pitt needs others to step up to win this season and that's especially true against the game tonight.

Stop by and comment during the game. I may not be around tonight, but drop in and leave your pre-game predictions and thoughts during the contest.