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Pitt Loses Commit Corey Jones to Toledo

Not to take anything away from the Rockets, who have been a solid MAC program the past few seasons, but if anything, I was surprised that Jones didn't follow Fraud to ASU or head to Arizona to be with Rich Rod. And I'm sure some Pitt fans will see this and wonder how a BCS level program lost a commit to a MAC school.

But yes, Pitt had another prospect decommit, this time it was Penn Hills WR Corey Jones. As for why, it seems the new coaching staff didn't communicate as well with Jones as the old staff did.

"When coach Graham was there, I would get a lot of phone calls from Pitt," Jones said. "After he left, that slowed down. I just felt like things fell off or something. I felt like I wasn't a main priority for them.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Fraud's system relies heavily upon having speed at the wide receiver position, something that isn't a requirement to run a pro-style offense. Jones' best quality is, not surprisingly, his speed. It's clear that had Paul Chryst been here in August, Jones likely wouldn't have been recruited by Pitt in the first place so it's understandable that Chryst didn't make it a priority to keep his commitment.

Jones would have been a valuable asset to the Pitt offense though. Pitt's main wide receivers (Mike Shanahan, Devin Street, Cam Saddler) will all be seniors next season, so wide receiver depth is something Pitt has to work on these next two recruiting classes.

So why did Jones settle on Toledo?

"I wasn't sure of how Pitt was going to handle things, how I was going to fit into their offense and if I was still in their offensive schemes. ... [Pitt's coaches] are cool, but I'm just trying to do what is best for me and I think Toledo's offense is what's best for me."

If you're keeping score, that's the third decommitment since Chryst was hired. Adam Pankey technically decommitted as he has reopened his recruitment while Dakota Conwell switched to Arizona. Still 100 times better than last year's debacle.