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Pitt's Tray Woodall now 100% #SwitchThatReverseIt

David Butler II-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So last week, there was this on Tray Woodall. Per Ray Fittipaldo's initial article, head coach Jamie Dixon said he was still having some discomfort in his abdomen following his surgery earlier this year.

Tray then had something to say about his own status:

Color me confused.

Jamie then had this to say per Fittipaldo's transcript with the coach on media day:

Is Tray Woodall 100 percent and participating fully in practice? "Right now, yeah. It’s unique. We didn’t have that at all last year for practice. I hope that continues. Obviously, it’s an injury you always worry about flaring up or coming back again. At this point, he’s been doing a lot of things. I have to give him credit. He’s in there early, a couple of hours before practice, getting the treatment and things that are necessary. It’s been good. He’s practiced well. He’s done the conditioning. That’s been great for him."

So he's 100%, got it? Look, Woodall's beef clearly should have been more with what Jamie said rather than with what others had reported. The media can't report anything other than what's said and that was exactly what happened in this case. If your coach says you're still having pain, that's clearly not 100%.

But if he's 100%, that's the important thing here. And according to he (and now Dixon), that's exactly what the case is. That's great news.

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