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Week 7 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings: Cardiac Hill Ballot

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Below was my ballot for this week's SB Nation Big East football power rankings:

1. Louisville
2. Cincinnati
3. Rutgers
4. Temple
5. Syracuse
6. Pitt
7. UConn
8. South Florida

I dropped Pitt one spot after their loss to Louisville. South Florida was off and UConn lost to Temple at home - otherwise they could have slipped even farther. Speaking of the Owls, they're also a bit of a surprise sitting at No. 4. They are 2-0 in the conference with wins over UConn and South Florida. And at 3-2 on the season, they also will have a chance at a bowl game.

How good are they? I'm not sure just yet, but they're faring a bit better than most probably expected.

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