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It's Time to Play the Pitt Football 'Blame Game'

Pitt football just lost again, and who you blame can tell a lot about the person you are. Take the test!

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Its time to play the Pitt Blame Game (TM). Losses are tough and people are to blame. Heads need to roll. What you didn't know is that the person or things you blame can tell you a lot about yourself. To begin, you first need to ask yourself, who do I blame this loss on? I’ll provide the blame-getters below. I've provided a little insight on the person you are, as well as a some much needed advice. This is completely scientific and meant to be taken extremely seriously. Here we go...

Pitt just lost, and the only explanation is:

Steve Pederson: You are a conspiracy theorist. You think 9/11 was an inside job. Not only do you think we never made it to the moon, you believe it is also most likely made of cheese. Advice: see Mendenhall, Rashard.

Paul Chryst and/or staff: You hanker for the last guy. The new guy can’t recruit as well. He’s not flashy enough while also not humble enough. He’s not quite a college coach, but certainly not an NFL guy. Advice: you should probably hang out with the next guy, you’ll be great friends.

The uniforms: You’re afraid of change. You love the past. It reminds you of all those wonderful times we played in a concrete cereal bowl and the basketball team played in an old YWCA. Advice: search eBay for vintage Pitt ‘Starter’ jackets.

The color/font/wording of ‘Pitt’: See above. You also wish the Pitt band would play the 'lost verse' that was abandoned years ago (we all do).

Recruiting: You think that if only Pitt could get NFL caliber recruits the wins will soon follow. You think those big recruits will get us a BCS bid. All we need is a coach who brings in the talent and they will overcome any schematic shortcomings. WE JUST NEED SOME TALENT! Advice: Google Pitt football 2005-2010.

Tino Sunseri: You’re a Pittsburgher. Advice: none needed.