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Pitt recruiting target Dorian Johnson staying humble despite lofty status

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Dorian Johnson is still very much on Pitt's radar and ESPN had a good puff piece on him recently. Despite being one of the biggest recruits for 2013, he's staying humble and still working hard:

"It's definitely refreshing to see," Krepps said. "Things could have really exploded with him after recruiting. Kids can become selfish and let things go to their head. That wasn't the case with Dorian Johnson.

"He's a very humble young man. He's got great family support and it shows. His teammates see that. He's not a 'me first'-type kid. He stays active in the community. He stays active in the school. He does everything the right way. He goes beyond what is asked."


"He'll be after practice working with the linemen and doing extra," Krepps said. "He'll do the extra [work] in the weight room -- jumping rope, lifting or whatever it may be. That's what you look for out of your leaders.

Good to hear, obviously. The article also goes on to talk about what he does even rubs off on his teammates. Yeah, I'll take him.

According to the article, you also shouldn't look for a decision from Johnson anytime soon. He will be taking unofficial visits during his high school season, but he won't be taking official visits until after his high school career is over. Assuming he doesn't make a quick decision and takes his officials, there's still a while to go.

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