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ESPN's Andy Katz looking forward to seeing Steven Adams

Jim McIsaac - Getty Images

ESPN's college basketball analysts took a quick look at the upcoming season and addressed a few topics. Among them was which player they're most looking forward to seeing in the new uni. Andy Katz went with freshman Steven Adams:

Katz: A 7-footer from New Zealand with an intriguing backstory? I'm in. Incoming Steven Adams has a quirky personality, but he's the sort of character college basketball fans might fall in love with. And Pitt, after its worst season in years, is really going to need him. Adams might not be a superstar right away, but there's a reason he vaulted to No. 6 in the ESPN 100 once our scouts saw him play. He has the type of talent to help the Panthers bounce back.

Adams is going to be needed by Pitt and he'll really fill a key role. With Tray Woodall and Trey Zeigler in the backcourt, that area looks secure. Lamar Patterson at small forward might be the best overall player on the team and J.J. Moore and Talib Zanna are solid at forward as well. Center was really the weakest position and with Adams there now, it should be significantly better.

To his point about being a superstar right away, that's absolutely correct. And as I've pointed out before, he doesn't need to be - especially offensively. Pitt has a good mix of returning talent and they don't need him to score a ton. His biggest value will be in rebounding and on defense - and that's what Pitt needs from him.

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