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Pitt Women's Basketball: Meet 6'11" Marvadene 'Bubbles' Anderson

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I really thought I'd gotten to this at some point in the history of this blog. But when I searched through the archives (which, admittedly, don't always work properly), I came up empty. But, at any rate, in case you missed it - Pitt has a 6'11" basketball recruit for this year. That's for women's basketball.

Enter Marvadene 'Bubbles' Anderson.

No, seriously - this girl is 6'11". She's even been deemed the tallest teenage female ... as a 16-year old. If you need a size comparison, here she is with one of her teammates in a message board thread at Rutgers Prep. She was also featured on CBS a couple of years ago. For the life of me, I can't believe this story hasn't gotten more pub around here, but nonetheless, this is a pretty big deal to me.

She's also not without game, either. Anderson averaged 21 points and six rebounds a game at Rutgers Prep last season.

So how'd she end up at Pitt? I'm not entirely sure, but her Rutgers Prep coach is the twin sister of a Pitt associate coach, so that probably helped to get in the door, I presume. After she committed, she had this to say:

"Pittsburgh offered me so much," said Anderson. "I have a great relationship with the coaches and I felt comfortable the minute I walked on campus."

Now, if you're looking to attend a women's hoops game or two this season to see Bubbles (as I was), you're out o' luck. She's taking a redshirt this year to presumably work on her game. Despite her size, she was modestly rated as a three-star recruit by ESPN, so it's clear she has some work to do.

Still, definitely something to keep an eye on this season. Near seven-footers don't happen very often in women's basketball.

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