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Pitt basketball: Jamie Dixon to continue recruiting New York

Chris McGrath - Getty Images

With Pitt's move to the ACC, the thought of how the Panthers will recruit has entered my mind at least a few hundred times. One pipeline that's been established is New York and I was glad to hear that head coach Jamie Dixon will still look to the state when it comes to finding talent:

Despite the move out of the Big East, Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said they’re going to keep coming to the New York area to recruit. “We’ve had good success stories with kids from New York, and I think that’s the best way of recruiting,” he said.

This isn't really news in that I'm sure Dixon wants to continue recruiting New York players. And while I don't have the concerns that some do about him being able to recruit against the ACC heavyweights, I think the question about the Panthers still being able to land NY/NJ players is a valid one.

Pitt will continue to get talent, no doubt, but I'm not convinced it won't come from other areas. Pitt has a recent history in the NY/NJ area and for the next few seasons may still do well there. But I could see it drying up down the line if Pitt doesn't remain active there, playing games on a fairly regular basis.

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