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Trey Zeigler should find scoring opportunities at Pitt

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Interesting note in John Grupp's Trib Pitt basketball notebook the other day. Transfer Trey Zeigler had a brief quote about the upcoming season:

“I’m going to be a lot more open here,” he said. “I have to make sure I’m ready to knock down open shots.”

That's, quite frankly, something I'd not given a lot of thought. It's easy to assume that Zeigler will find ways to get his points because he's a scorer by nature, but here's the thing - those points should come a lot easier.

At Central Michigan last year, Zeigler accounted for 28% of his team's offense. For Pitt last season, Ashton Gibbs had the largest chunk of Pitt's offense. His total?


This year's team should also be more talented offensively as well when you consider an older and more mature Tray Woodall, Talib Zanna, Lamar Patterson, and J.J. Moore. That's not even mentioning freshman phenom Steven Adams. And because of that talent around him, Zeigler shouldn't face as many double-teams as he probably faced with the Chippewas.

The bottom line? There's no way that Zeigler will need to do that much for the Panthers next year. Not only does Pitt spread the wealth out more in general, Zeigler simply has more talent around him. That might not translate into as many points but those points should come a lot easier.

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