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Pitt Vs. Syracuse: Cardiac Hill staff game predictions

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After a bye week, the Cardiac Hill staff is back with our game predictions for tonight's game against Syracuse. First, a reminder where we're at in the standings:

Pat - .1000 (2-0)

Anthony - .500 (2-2)

Bryan H. - .500 (2-2)

Greg - .500 (2-2)

Anson - .500 (2-2)

Jim - .500 (1-1)

Bryan M. - .250 (1-3)

Mike - .250 (1-3)

Everyone got on the scoreboard with last week's win over Gardner-Webb. So where does Cardiac Hill come out for tonight's contest? We're all going with Pitt except for Bryan M., who chose to be difficult and is calling for a Syracuse win.

An Orange win wouldn't surprise me all that much. With the competition they've faced so far, it's really hard to get a good handle on how good of a team they can be. But I've got to make a pick, so I'll go with the Panthers.

Be sure to check back and mock us accordingly if the Orange pull out the win.

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