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Week 6 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings: Cardiac Hill Ballot

Mark Konezny-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Below is my ballot for this week's SB Nation Big East Power Rankings poll:

1. Cincinnati

2. Louisville

3. Rutgers

4. Syracuse

5. Pitt

6. Temple

7. UConn

8. South Florida

A few things here. I really couldn't ignore Cincinnati any further and after wins over Virginia Tech and an absolute blowout over Miami (OH), felt I had to move them to the top spot. I could make a pretty good argument for the three ranked teams (Cincinnati, Louisville, and Rutgers) to all belong on top, but looking at the most recent body of work, I've got to go with Cincinnati here.

I also could move Temple up ahead of Pitt after the the Panthers' loss to Syracuse. But I didn't for a few reasons. First, Pitt has a better win (Virginia Tech) than Temple has (South Florida) at this point. And, while the Syracuse loss was bad, the Orange are a better team than many thought and Pitt played them to within a point on the road.

That said, don't get me wrong - the loss was an unmitigated disaster. Later this week, we'll have the full results from all Big East bloggers.

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