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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "Rye Whiskey" (Punch Brothers)

Jared Wickerham

Punch Brothers - Rye Whiskey (via WNRNradio)

After the loss to UConn, it was a pretty low key weekend for me. I didn't watch much college football and instead chose to focus on basketball season. Pitt can still get to a bowl game if it wins out, but losses like the UConn one have a way of draining your energy.

For this week's music, we've got a fairly obscure group called the Punch Brothers doing Rye Whiskey. It's not Tex Ritter's song, but still a great one none the less. Here are some Pitt links from last week that we didn't get to here on the site:

Tino Sunseri says offense has to be better

Former Pitt coach Ben Howland could be without top recruit Shabazz Muhammad for a while at UCLA

Pitt's bowl hopes took a hit with the UConn defeat

Patience required on Steven Adams according to Trib-Review

Time to give Tino his props

Tray Woodall hopes the team will rebound this season

Pitt basketball wants to get inside shots

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly talked about number-gate after their win over Pitt

The Pitt-Johnstown basketball team has some big time scorers this year

The women's basketball team lost to Youngstown State - the next time the Penguins are on any Pitt schedule will be too soon

They then rebounded and beat William & Mary on Sunday

The 18th-ranked wrestling program lost to No. 13 Michigan

The women's volleyball team beat Villanova and made the Big East Tournament

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