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Pitt basketball recruiting: Beejay Anya passes on Pitt, reportedly chooses North Carolina State

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

It wasn't totally unexpected, but with the announced transfer intentions of John Johnson, the thought hope was that Pitt could be back in the hunt for big-time recruit Beejay Anya. That isn't the case, though, as Anya has reportedly picked North Carolina State.

That doesn't come as a huge shock as Anya previously announced his finalists were NC State and Indiana. Pitt didn't make the cut and in the end, it's really a disappointment even if Anya wasn't ever planning to come to the program.

The bottom line for Pitt is that the program desperately needs a big man for 2013. They were recruiting for one even without an available spot and now that they have one with the transfer of Johnson, the full court press is on. There's virtually no chance in my opinion that Pitt doesn't go big with a final scholarship for 2013 and with Dante Taylor graduating and Talib Zanna becoming a senior after this season (and, oh yeah, that pesky 'Will Steve Adams turn pro?' question lurking about), the Panthers need frontcourt help.

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