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Pitt-Notre Dame Cardiac Hill staff predictions

Justin K. Aller

Let's be real - Pitt's going to have a hard time winning this game. Still, that didn't stop a few of our fearless writers from picking the Panthers to pull off the upset in South Bend. As if Pitt didn't have it rough enough, things won't be much easier with the rash of injuries they suffered this week. Nothing's impossible and as we've pointed out earlier this week, Notre Dame has been wholly unimpressive at times against some pretty average teams. Still hard to come up with reason why the Panthers will win this one, though.

Below are our season records to date and our picks for, of course, entertainment purposes only:

Pat - .666 (4-2) - Pitt

Bryan H. - .625 (5-3) - Notre Dame

Greg - .625 (5-3) - Notre Dame

Anson - .500 (4-4) - Notre Dame

Anthony - .500 (4-4) - Notre Dame

Bryan M. - .500 (4-4) - Notre Dame

Jim - .500 (3-3) - Pitt

Mike - .375 (3-5) - Notre Dame

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