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Pitt basketball recruiting: Beejay Anya still in play for Panthers?

Chris Trotman

Just last week, we told you about 2013 basketball recruiting target Beejay Anya crossing Pitt off of his list. Sure, he left the door open for someone other than North Carolina State and Indiana, but it didn't seem all that realistic since according to ZagsBlog, he didn't expect that to change.

Since then, Indiana has reportedly stopped recruiting him. That could mean they just aren't putting any more effort into getting him but are still willing to take him if he decides he wants to be a Hoosier ... or it could mean they tired of the waiting game. That would apparently leave only North Carolina State up for his services since he was down to those two schools. But according to a recent quote, could Anya still be in play for Pitt?

Again, according to ZagsBlog, he says he will commit on November 16th. And even though North Carolina State looks like the clear winner, Anya said he's still wide open:

"I’m completely wide open at this point," the 6-foot-8 Anya out of DeMatha Catholic told Wednesday night by phone. "Right now I’m completely wide open. Any school that’s recruiting me is fair game."

The key part there, obviously is that last sentence.

I don't know - to me, this is more about the new game that high school kids love to play. 'Hey, everybody - guess where I'm headed.' To me, if Anya declared a final two, it's between those two schools. And if one dropped out, well ...

I'd love to see him end up in a Panthers' uniform, but I'm not holding my breath.

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