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Hail to Links! 11.8.2012

Jonathan Daniel

Bryan is off the rest of the week from his regular link responsibilities, so if the links suck over the next few days, blame me. Here are some daily Pitt-related stories to check out:

Joe Trebitz is forced into the spotlight in lieu of all of Pitt's linebacker injuries

Paul Pasqualoni, head coach of Pitt's next opponent, UConn, isn't having an easy time of things in his latest run in the Big East

Pitt's defensive backs are looking good for the future

The Pitt athletics department has a live wire feature up on their home page with senior guard Tray Woodall

A Pitt News writer isn't all that thrilled with Pitt's non-conference basketball schedule this season

Tino Sunseri is taking more flack for his postgame comments after the Notre Dame contest

I talked about Paul Chryst's press conference yesterday. The PG's Sam Werner has some key parts from it as well.

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