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Pitt vs. Bethune-Cookman: Panthers look for win No. 10

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt will be going for their tenth win of the year this weekend and they should be able to get it against Bethune-Cookman at the Pete.

The Wildcats are only 4-7 on the year and have lost the few minor challenges they've had so far this season. Pitt, meanwhile, is on a roll. I've mentioned this before, but it's not only that the Panthers have won all of their games, it's that they've done so in an impressive manner. Pitt has won their nine games by an average of more than 25 points a game and most of their contests haven't been all that close.

Want a reason for concern? Sure, I'll play along.

Pitt is headed into the Christmas break soon and could be thinking ahead to some time off. Not only that, but Bethune-Cookman is also playing fairly well despite their record. Their worst loss has only been by a modest 13 points and several of their losses have been by single-digit margins. While their schedule admittedly hasn't been all that tough, they just haven't been blown out. They've also played seven of their 11 games on the road, so they are used to playing away from home.

That said, none of those are reasons enough for me to even consider picking against Pitt in this one. The team is simply playing too well.

Gametime is Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

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