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Pitt vs. Bethune Cookman: Panthers have no trouble with Wildcats, winning 89-40

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Pitt had no trouble with Bethune-Cookman, winning their tenth game of the year, 89-40.

The highlight for me was watching Steven Adams take another step forward. He's now had three straight good games in a row and is getting better. I'm not convinced he won't take steps back. And let's be honest - the competition (Duquesne, North Florida, Bethune-Cookman) hasn't been even mediocre. But it is impressive that he's playing better and tonight, he was the best player on the court with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Even beyond the numbers, he was visibly active, played around the basket, and just looked like he belonged out there. That hasn't always been the case this season.

Getting back to rebounds, it was an absolute bloodbath in the paint. Pitt outrebounded Bethune-Cookman 37-6 in the unofficial totals from ESPN. The Pitt News says the official total at the end of the game was 40-11, but still. There surely have probably been teams with fewer rebounds, but not likely since peach baskets were around. All kidding aside, that's flat out ugly. If you're looking for a reason for the blowout, that's largely it. Not to be too harsh here, but if you're the coach of that team, you should be flat out embarrassed. It's one thing to lose, but to get beaten that badly on the boards shows a clear lack of hustle ... to an embarrassing point.

And talk about strange. Never did I think I'd see Tray Woodall play a complete game and take one shot. But he did just that, finishing with three points and a whopping ten assists. Would love to hear the reason he didn't shoot more, but when the team wins by 49 points, it really doesn't matter all that much.

And, yeah, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention J.J. Moore and Dante Taylor off the bench. They actually led the team in scoring (Moore had 18 points) and rebounding (Taylor collected 11 boards) in the unofficial box scores.

Next up is Delaware State on Wednesday.

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