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Former Pitt center Khem Birch debuts for UNLV


We haven't heard Khem Birch's name in a while. That was mostly due to the fact that he was ineligible to play after requesting a transfer from Pitt last season. He ended up at UNLV and on Monday, played his first game.

For those hoping Birch didn't go crazy and have a big night, you've got your wish. The former Pitt center had a modest debut with four points and three rebounds in 14 minutes off the bench.

That, of course, doesn't mean he won't have a great season. Hard to imagine he won't command more minutes as the year goes on. If part of the reason for wanting out of Pitt was playing time, I'm sure he's banking on playing significantly more minutes than the 15 per game he averaged last season.

I don't wish Birch ill will. No, seriously, I don't. The problem I had with him was not wanting out of Pitt - rather, it was letting the team down by leaving in the middle of a season. Regardless of how unhappy you may be, that's a crap move to a team to which you committed.

Birch's next game will be on Wednesday.

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