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Nick Saban's potential move to NFL reportedly won't stop Robert Foster from attending Alabama

Andy Lyons

When Robert Foster announced he was Alabama-bound, many thoughts quickly went to Nick Saban, whose name has come up in repeated NFL rumors. If the coach leaves, it would seem Foster could be back in play.

But the wide receiver put an end to that talk himself:

Foster was actually asked at the press conference about the rumors of Saban to the NFL.

"That doesn't bother me at all," he said. "I mean, I'm going to college for a reason. I'm going to get an education and hopefully chase my dreams. So if he decides to leave, I'm still going to have to do my job and get my education and do my classwork and do what I have to do."

Foster was asked if he would change his mind if Saban left - "No, it wouldn't."

Now, it's impossible to determine what Saban will do. And it's also pretty impossible to decide if Foster is bluffing here. After all, he talked yesterday about the close relationship he holds with the coach. Does he really like the school that much to stay there despite the uncertainty of who will be the coach if Saban decides to pull a Pete Carroll?

The other thing worth pointing out is that Foster had a really tough decision by his own admission. It seems as if he went back and forth between Pitt and Alabama, so if Saban left, I'm not so sure he wouldn't at least consider a move to Pitt.

Much of it is still up in the air and there's nothing to say that Foster couldn't change his mind if he wanted to. But on the surface, this doesn't sound like great news for Pitt fans who were really banking on a Saban departure opening things up a bit.

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