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Cornerback James Julius commits to Pitt

Jared Wickerham
Orlando cornerback James Julius committed to Pitt this weekend. Julius is a two-star recruit as rated by Rivals and the Panthers' 21st commit for 2013.

He's not a huge commitment and after losing out on wide receiver Robert Foster, the pickup hardly makes you feel better. But this does have the look of a solid addition since he was reportedly sought after by Cincinnati, Boise State, and Iowa State.

So what do we know about him? Not too much at this point, but the Orlando Sentinel put him in their top 60 players for the central Florida area. Their assessment of him also says he has strength to fight off wide receivers and has 'great leaping ability.'

Pitt once had a small pipeline in Florida, plucking several talented players out of the state. It's good to see the coaches are active (even if only mildly) in that state, which is full of skill players. Not everyone is going to be desired by Florida or Florida State, so Pitt needs to make sure to make efforts in pursuing players there.

James will visit the school along with a teammate in January.