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Pitt mercifully ends non-conference schedule with Kennesaw State win

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The moment most of us were waiting for finally took place on Sunday as Pitt won their final non-conference basketball game over Kennesaw State, 59-43. To me, Pitt's non-conference schedule was a bit light. I've got no problem with avoiding a ton of heavyweights, but it would have been nice to see at least one other game against a major-conference team. However, we've got to keep in mind that part of it wasn't the fault of the school as they expected a game in the Big East-SEC Challenge. When that didn't happen, the Panthers were left scrambling a bit and it really left them without a solid opponent.

Back to the game, though. Not too much to dissect here. The Panthers didn't blow the Owls out as they probably could have. They were, frankly, probably a bit disinterested with another game against a weak opponent. Not only that, but with Christmas looming, playersw were likely excited and ready to have a few days off.

If you're really dying for some analysis, the frontcourt played well. Steven Adams didn't dominate, but quietly put together another good game. He and Talib Zanna teamed up for 19 points and 16 rebounds and both came close to a double double. J.J. Moore also added seven points and eight rebounds off the bench.

I mentioned this over at SB Nation Pittsburgh, but it's worth repeating. Pitt isn't only jumping into the Big East portion of their schedule, but things are going to get considerably more difficult right away. In their next three games, the Panthers will play No. 11 Cincinnati, a road game against Rutgers, and a road game against No. 15 Georgetown. We don't really know much about this team, but that should change over those next few contests.