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Robert Foster narrows his choice to Pitt and Alabama

Central Valley WR Robert Foster has eliminated Ohio State and will pick between Pitt and Alabama.


Central Valley's Robert Foster has options on where he'll go to college. That's pretty much an understatement. Robert Foster can choose wherever he damn well pleases to spend the next four years of his life. That's what happens when you're ranked as high as the 22nd best recruit in the country. But those choices narrowed Sunday when the talented receiver tweeted that he will pick between Pitt and Alabama on December 21 at Central Valley High School.

That would seem to eliminate Ohio State, who was widely believed to be the third school of interest to Foster. Foster visited the Panthers two weeks ago with other top recruits Dorian Johnson and Tyler Boyd. The visit went well enough to earn a commitment from Johnson, and Boyd recently announced he'll make his decision January 4th.

Alabama and Pitt both have one receiver already committed to their class - Raheen Falkins for Alabama and Zach Challingsworth for Pitt.

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