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Midseason Cardiac Hill Big East Basketball Power Rankings

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't going to be a regular feature or anything, but with the Big East portion of the conference schedules about to begin and approaching the halfway point of the season, I thought it was worth it to take a look at where the teams currently stand ... at least in my mind. With that said, I proudly present the Cardiac Hill Big East basketball power rankings (note: rankings based on games through this past Friday):

1. Louisville

2. Syracuse

3. Georgetown

4. Notre Dame

5. Pitt

6. Cincinnati

7. UConn

8. Seton Hall

9. Rutgers

10. Marquette

11. South Florida

12. Villanova

13. St. John's

14. Providence

15. DePaul

Ranking the last five teams was really a bit of a crap shoot. I can't honestly say much thought went into it and all have some pretty bad losses.

From Pitt's standpoint, it might be nicer to rank them higher, but I just couldn't do it based on the lack of a really good win. And several of those teams near the top could be interchangeable. Will be much easier to put together an accurate ranking once a few of these teams square off against each other.

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