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Pitt vs. Cincinnati: Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

This is a big game for Pitt, obviously. It's only the second time they've faced a real quality team so far and we should know more about the Panthers after today's game.

Here are some brief thoughts. I really think Pitt's got a good chance to come out on top in this game. Cincinnati has beaten more quality teams (Oregon, Iowa State, Xavier, and Alabama, to name a few) than the Panthers have, but they don't shoot all that well as a team. And with the game at the Pete, these are the types of games Pitt really has a good track record of winning.

It's going to be close, though, and a Pitt loss hardly means the end of the world. But the game will be a great barometer on just how good this team is.

If you're not heading to the game, definitely stop back at tipoff and join us for the live gamethread.

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