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Pitt holds steady in latest college basketball rankings - for now

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the holidays and Pitt's game against Cincinnati on Monday, the college basketball polls were kind of put on the back burner this week. But since they came out the same day as Pitt's game, we didn't see the effect yet.

Pitt stayed at No. 24 in the AP poll, but moved up two spots to No. 22 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. But after the loss to Cincinnati on Monday, there's a good chance they could fall out.

It would have been nice to see Pitt win that game. If they did and also beat Rutgers, the Panthers could have moved into the Top 15 in my opinion. But at this stage of the year, while it's nice to have the recognition, it's not all that important.

On the Big East front, the conference had six teams ranked in each of the polls. Here are the full polls in case you've not seen them yet.

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