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Could ACC Tournament come to the Barclays in Brooklyn?

Jason Szenes

With Pitt and Syracuse joining the ACC, talk of playing the conference tournament in New York seemed to pick up. But while Madison Square Garden may not happen, there's one former athlete who thinks the conference tournament will be headed to the Barclays in Brooklyn - Louisville legend Darrell Griffith:

"You can write this down," Griffith told Louisville columnist Rick Bozich. "They’re going to play their conference tournament at the Barclays Center. This league is made for exposure in New York City."

I don't know that Griffith has insider type knowledge, but the move would make sense. I can't see the conference with so many strong programs based in and around North Carolina packing up and moving north on a permanent basis (particularly since the tournament moves around from year to year), but for a year or two, why not? Other than Greensboro and Charlotte, over the past ten years the tournament has been played in Atlanta, Tampa, and Washington DC.

The tournament is scheduled to be held in Greensboro for the next three years, but after that, who knows? Per the link I attached in this article, Brett McMurphy reportedly said that the Barclays hadn't submitted a bid in time for consideration for 2016-2021. But if the conference is serious about trying to get the tournament up north, I'm guessing there could be ways around that obstacle.

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