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Ray Graham, Aaron Donald named to All Big East First Team


Yesterday, I mentioned CBS' All Big East first team. Now the league's official all conference teams were named and Ray Graham and Aaron Donald were both named to the first team. Making the second team were Devin Street, Mike Shanahan, Ryan Turnley, and Jason Hendricks.

A few things here -

As I said in the CBS write-up, I'm surprised Hendricks, the Big East interception leader, didn't make the first team. And I stick by my claim that you could make a good argument for Street or Shanahan to join Alec Lemon on the first team over DeVante Parker.

If you're looking for another borderline snub, you could point to Tino Sunseri, who was topped by Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib for the second team. I've got no issue with that, though, and as I said in the comments section of the CBS post, Nassib would get my nod. He threw for about 500 more yards than Sunseri and had more TDs than him, as well. Sunseri leads him in efficiency, but Nassib's team also had a slightly better year.

If we're going the other way on this, I was surprised to see Graham make the first team. He, of course, had a great year, finishing fourth in the conference in rushing. But how he beat out Cincinnati's George Winn is anybody's guess. Winn led the conference in rushing and had about 160 yards more than Graham. He also had a higher yard per carry average and one more touchdown than Graham. The pick of Graham was a bit of a sentimental one to be sure, in my mind. He had a great season and there's no denying that, but I'm not sure how he beat out Winn, who also played on a better team.

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