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Michael Haywood's Charges Dropped: Finally, Closure ... Sort Of

More than a year later, the legal fiasco regarding former Pitt coach Michael Haywood's charges have finally been resolved as the charges were dropped. Now, don't mistake that for innocence. The charges were dropped as a result of pre-trial conditions that were met (counseling and community service). Haywood complied and the judge dropped the charges.

While the legal side may be over, this doesn't mean that the Haywood situation is entirely finished when it comes to Pitt, though.

The two sides are apparently still feuding on money owed him and who knows when that will end. But as it stands legally, Haywood is now in a better position to find a football job now that the charges were dropped. And that will likely be a welcome change for him as he's been working for some kind of oil company according to that original link.

Haywood is young enough that he'll be able to find a job doing something in football. He may not get a head coaching job initially, but I'm guessing he can latch on as a position coach at some level.

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