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Pitt Vs. Seton Hall: Open Gamethread

I hate the term 'must win', but this is about a close to a must win situation as possible. Pitt put themselves in that position with a loss against South Florida last week. I think Pitt can still safely get into the tournament even if they lose another regular season game as long they win a game in the Big East Tournament. But with road trips still against Louisville and UConn, the Panthers will have their hands full trying to even one of those.

Seton Hall isn't a gimme, but they are beatable. After they started off hot with wins against UConn and West Virginia, they fell off a bit losing six in a row. They won at Rutgers this past week, but still might be a bit vulnerable. Pitt will see a familiar face in former recruit Herb Pope who leads the way for the Pirates with about 16 points and ten rebounds a game. Simply put, he's one of the best big men in the conference, so that will be fun.

Game time is early with a noon start. Leave your pre-game comments below and stop back to comment during the game.