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Big East Power Rankings: Pitt Moving Up

Getting to this a bit late, but lots going on this week in the world of Pitt with Big Monday on Monday night against WVU and National Signing Day on Wednesday.

But the weekly Big East basketball power rankings are back and it was a bigger crap shoot this time around than last week. Cardiac Hill's ballot after the jump.

Cardiac Hill ballot:

1. Syracuse
2. Marquette
3. Georgetown
4. Notre Dame
5. Louisville
6. UConn
7. West Virginia
8. Cincinnati
9. South Florida
10. Rutgers
11. Seton Hall
12. DePaul
13. Pittsburgh
14. Villanova
15. St. John's
16. Providence

The first thing you should know is that these were voted on before Monday's game against West Virginia, otherwise Pitt would be a bit higher.

Seriously, get off my case if you don't like this ballot. It was all I could take to fill it out without wanting to stab my eyes out with a dinner fork. It's nearly impossible to rank these teams with much credibility at this point since the conference has been so unpredictable. And with Pitt winning a few games, it makes things even harder.

Be sure to head over to The UConn Blog for the full results.

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