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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / Astral Weeks (Van Morrison)

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (via SpaceOdyssee0)

This week's version of The Morning After is a good one - Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. Now, this isn't cheesy 1980s Van Morrison as he turned into. It was him doing what he did best before his voice started to go - just sitting back and wailing like no one else could.

This one's from the album Astral Weeks and it's considered one of the best records of all time. Lots of other great tunes on it and one of my favorites.

Enjoy. Pitt links that we didn't get to last week after the jump.

Nasir Robinson has been hot lately

2012 recruit Steven Adams is playing well at the National Prep School Invitational

Tray Woodall might be Pitt's MVP

Paul Chryst was able to hold a pretty good class together

Rivals ranked Pitt's class third in the Big East

Ashton Gibbs was named a finalist for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award

Pitt's offensive line is still a concern

The Big East is a bit down this year

Women's coach Agnes Berenato could have her job on the line

Andrea Adelson's Big East football recruiting overview

Paul Chryst named Inoke Breckterfield as his defensive line coach

More on Curtis Martin and Chris Doleman getting into the Hall of Fame

The wrestling squad beat West Virginia for their 17th straight win

Tray Woodall had a career day against Villanova

Pitt still has opportunities to impress the NCAA's selection committee

The women's team coach got his 500th career win this week

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