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Pitt Vs. South Florida: Open Gamethread

Pitt takes on the upstart South Florida Bulls on Wednesday night. I'm not that sold on USF since they haven't beaten anybody at all. Their best win was probably against Villanova on the road and the Wildcats don't even have a winning record.

But what does scare me a bit is the fact that the Bulls have lost only one game at home. They were very competitive in that game, too, falling to UConn by only three.

And while Augustus Gilchrist isn't a superstar, he's a big body that could give Pitt's thin frontcourt some trouble.

The biggest concern I have is Pitt coming out sluggish and believing some of the press clippings that are finally starting to surface. If they come out hungry as they did against West Virginia on the road, this should be a win.

Check in with your pre-game thoughts on how you think Pitt will fare and then stop back to comment during the game.

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