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March Madness CBI Style: Pitt vs. Wofford Open Gamethread

I have a hard time getting up for this one. Rooting for Pitt is of course not the issue - rather, it's mustering up the desire to root.

This game hopefully won't be as close as the last one against Wofford a few seasons ago when Pitt got a legitimate scare from a decent team at the Pete. Still, this one isn't a guaranteed win for the Panthers. The game is at the Pete, but Pitt's been bad there this season. And at 19-13, Wofford has a significantly better record than Pitt.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is how interested will Pitt be in playing well? I can see the Panthers giving it their all - especially in the first game at home. Or, I can totally see them packing it in and folding. The only (and I do mean only) small benefit is that Pitt's young players can get a bit of extra playing time, so it makes little sense to run Gibbs and Nas out there for 35 minutes.

The good news? The Terriers' record is filled a bit with fluff as their highest profile win is probably against a 13-18 Wake Forest team. Pitt isn't great, but they should have enough to defeat Wofford in this one.