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CBI Tournament Final Four: Pitt Vs. Butler Open Gamethread

Butler stands in Pitt's way for the finals of the CBI tournament. This one's on the road unlike the victories against Wofford and Princeton. There's a lot of talk about how much Pitt will be motivated to beat Butler after the Bulldogs ousted them in last year's NCAAs.

I definitely think Pitt wants to beat Butler, but while a win might provide a bit of satisfaction, it hardly makes things even. Still, it's better to win than lose, so the Panthers should be playing hard.

The big question in my mind is if this offense can keep clicking. They've averaged more than 80 points a game in their first two wins and just as important, turnovers have been cut dramatically. If Pitt plays as well as they have been, I don't see any way the team drops this game.

For the first time in a while, I should be around for the open gamethread. Leave your comments before the game and stop by to comment during the game.

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