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Pitt Football: Tino Sunseri Has Edge Going Into Season

There's a good chance Tino Sunseri begins the season as the starter (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
There's a good chance Tino Sunseri begins the season as the starter (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

At the risk of bringing up Tino Sunseri too soon (especially in the middle of the Big East Tournament), there was a small bit of 'news' I wanted to mention that happened while I was on vacation. Rick Walsh of WPXI tweeted that he had spoken to Paul Chryst and that the plan was for Tino Sunseri to be the quarterback:

I talked to head coach Paul Chryst today. He told me right now the plan is Tino Sunseri at QB

That shouldn't be a huge surprise, but to those who thought Chad Voytik could surpass Sunseri this season, it may sound like a bit of a blow. But there will be other competition besides that from Voytik.

Anthony Gonzalez is moving back to quarterback along with E.J. Banks, who is making the move there from defensive back. Along with Mark Myers and Trey Anderson, there will be five QBs there in the spring and six with Voytik in the fall if everyone stays put.

I've maintained all along that I think Sunseri is the QB next season barring a transfer. Voytik is only going to be a true freshman and there are few of those that can overtake a two-year starter and a senior. That doesn't mean Voytik can't get his shot if Sunseri doesn't improve over last season, but I think the chance is slim that Voytik starts the season as the starter.

I also don't see it from the others as well. No one other than Trey Anderson has any meaningful experience there and Anderson certainly doesn't appear to be a great fit for Chryst's offense. Myers remains the intriguing name, but as I've said all along, the fact that we didn't see him save for a few plays last year should tell you everything you need to know. He should be more comfortable in this offense than Graham's, though, so he could get more of a look.

But when you add it all up, I say get ready for Tino Sunseri Part III.

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