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Chris Jacobson Not Starting? #That'sJustCrazyTalk

Pitt head coach Paul Chryst (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Pitt head coach Paul Chryst (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Sure, it's only coachspeak, but this little nugget from Friday was pretty interesting:

Hueber said Jacobson will be a guard, but he will have to beat out one of the two guards who have manned the starting positions this spring.

"I'm not going to give anybody the job, including [Jacobson], and he knows it," Hueber said. "My No. 1 thing is, I want to see him come out and see him able to perform the first day, no hesitation, no nothing else. But he would even tell you that there are some days up and down right now where you can see a difference in what kinds of things he can do with his leg.

"We just need to see where he is and throw him in the middle of it and give him a chance, but we're not going to give anybody the job."

Um, okay.

Part of me is annoyed that Jacobson, likely Pitt's best offensive lineman, is apparently not even being named a starter due to his injury. But the other part knows this is all just a load of crap. If Jacobson is unable to 'beat out' Cory King or Ryan Schlieper, it would be unbelievable.

I get that Hueber wants to push the other two guys and that he's probably endearing himself to players by saying that no one's being given a job, but still.

Hard to get too worked up over this, though, because even if Jacobson does have to earn the job, he's still the best player there. He's a two-year starter and before that, sat behind senior starter, Joe Thomas. And remember, this was a kid versatile enough to play center last year when that position needed help in the spring.

In other words, there's virtually no shot he doesn't start.

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