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Syracuse Not Following Pitt In Big East Lawsuit #Yet

For now, Syracuse not joining Pitt in lawsuit (Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE)
For now, Syracuse not joining Pitt in lawsuit (Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE)

First there was West Virginia. Then this weekend, it was Pitt's turn. That begs the question - will Syracuse be getting in on the lawsuits against the Big East.

Not right now, anyway.

For now, athletic director Daryl Gross is still going the route of peacemaker, trying to negotiate an amicable split from the Big East. But while that's the case, it sounds as if litigation could be an option:

"We’ve been trying to resolve the issue of conference transition with the Big East.

We’d like to avoid litigation, but we’re keeping all of our options open," Gross said in a statement via text message.

Syracuse, for now, appears content to try to work it out, but as we get closer to the 2013-14 season, expect them to fight their way out as well. According to Pitt's official statement, they tried to do just that but with the whole Marinatto replacement issue, they didn't get very far.

There's also this important fact to remember - the ACC very likely will want both Pitt and Syracuse at the same time. Pitt's fate could be tied to the Orange being able to get out at the same time and if Pitt secures their release first, look for them to do what they can (which, granted, might not be all that much) to get the Orange out as well.

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