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Pitt Football: Devin Street - NFL First-Round Draft Pick?

Will Devin Street be a first-round pick in 2013? (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Will Devin Street be a first-round pick in 2013? (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There's strange and then there's ludicrous - file this in the ludicrous category, at least for now.

With the 2012 NFL Draft now over, there's been lots of looking ahead to 2013. So when I found this mock draft, I assumed that if any Panther was projected for the first round, it'd be someone like Ray Graham or even a bit of a sleeper like Aaron Donald.

Yeah, not so much. This particular mock draft had a surprise name going in the first round next year: Wide receiver Devin Street.

Street is a fine receiver and he could be poised for a breakout year. But first-rounder? That's where FOX Sports Arizona projects him, going to the Baltimore Ravens.

That's really a reach for someone playing on a team with a suspect passing game at best.

Now, I'm on the record for saying Pitt's aerial attack will improve. Tino Sunseri, I'm convinced, will be better, and with a strong running game, he should have opportunities to move the ball in the air. But Street, in my mind, has to do more (a lot more) to even be considered ready to leave school a season early - let alone be a first-round draft pick.

Many times, players go higher based on potential. But while Street has definitely shown he has big play ability and should continue to get better, I just haven't seen enough from him to make me even think he's not even going to be around in 2013.

Projecting where players are going to end up is insane at this point. The NFL season isn't even close to kicking off and we have no idea what the draft order will look like. But the fact that Street is projected that high to begin with is interesting to say the least.

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