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CBS Sports Ranks Pitt's Basketball Recruiting Class

Jamie Dixon may have his best class yet (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)
Jamie Dixon may have his best class yet (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)

CBS Sports took time out recently to rank the 2012-13 college basketball recruiting rankings. Pitt ranked a bit lower than where they fit in other rankings, but still had a decent showing.

The site ranked Pitt at No. 17 overall. Not great, considering other I've seen them several slots higher in other rankings. Still, they're fairly high on the job Jamie Dixon has done:

Jamie Dixon getting Adams to commit early will go down as one of the best recruiting moves of this class. Robinson is the typical Pitt guard.

That's obviously a great point. As I wrote last week, Dixon getting the jump on Adams really was significant. As I said then, if Pitt came in later when he had drawn more interest, it's still possible the Panthers could have landed them. But coming in early was one of the great coups in Dixon's fairly short history as a coach.

And for the record, Pitt ranked third in the Big East.

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